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  • Sadie Rogerson

Cville Market Vendor Spotlight: Blue Ridge Bucha

If you’ve purchased kombucha on Grounds, chances are it was crafted by local brewer Blue Ridge Bucha. Blue Ridge Bucha was a vendor at the Cville Market this past fall, and they will be returning this week for our first Market of the spring! Read below to get acquainted with the Blue Ridge Bucha, its mission, and products before attending!

Blue Ridge Bucha was founded in 2010 in Waynesboro, Virginia. Today, their team is made up of around 10 to 15 people, who either work at the brewery or help with demos throughout Blue Ridge Bucha’s distribution region.

The brewery, located on Waynesboro's East Side Corridor, offers six flavors for visitors to enjoy on tap year-round. Blue Ridge Bucha’s classic offerings include Ginger, Black Raspberry, Elderflower Sunrise, Jasmine Grape, Wild Pear, and Bluegrass Bucha. Outside of the taproom, the company’s products can be found in over 300 locations across more than 10 states. Blue Ridge Bucha also partners with online businesses like 4P Foods, Seasonal Roots, and GoPuff. Residents of Richmond and Nelson Country, Virginia can enjoy Blue Ridge Bucha seasonally at the Grow RVA and Nelson County Farmers Markets respectively.

On Grounds, students can purchase Blue Ridge Bucha by the bottle at Crossroads or find it on tap at the Castle and Runk Dining Hall. To learn more about where you can buy Blue Ridge Bucha, check out the interactive map on their website!

Current owner Angie Heyming describes Blue Ridge Bucha’s mission as making “delicious kombucha in a refillable bottle”–a nod to the sustainable focus the company has maintained from the beginning. In accordance with its slogan “big flavor. small footprint,” the company makes “conscious decisions to use compostable or recyclable materials whenever possible.” Their glass bottles feature resealable caps that allow them to be reused an unlimited amount of times. At their brewery, customers are encouraged to use growlers and other containers to bring home kombucha on draft. Their kegs are also reusable and recyclable, and they compost all brewery waste.

Looking to the future, Angie emphasized the company’s desire to maintain its commitment to being “Earth-friendly” while continuing to expand Blue Ridge Bucha’s product selections and reach. These dual goals are well-encapsulated by the new “hard” line of kombucha they have released, which will be packaged in recyclable aluminum and compostable can holders.

Be sure to stop by Blue Ridge Bucha’s stall at the next Cville Market on Wednesday, April 20th to experience their kombucha for yourself!

- Read more about Blue Ridge Bucha’s story here and sustainability efforts here.

- Learn more about Blue Ridge Bucha’s flavor offerings here.

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