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Fair Trade and Fair Trade Finals: What's the Deal?

In preparation for finals, the Green Dining team is offering free fair trade treats at the Amphitheater to fuel your studying! Interns will be there Wednesday (12/8) and Thursday (12/9) from 12-3pm, so be sure to stop by and get a cupcake made with fair trade certified espresso, sample fair trade Alter Eco chocolate, equal exchange hot chocolate, or a cup of fair trade tea and learn about the impact of fair trade!

If you’re going to the event or reading this blog, you’re likely wondering what exactly fair trade certification means, and why it’s important. When you see a product with a fair trade seal, that means the people who produced that food were fairly compensated in safe working conditions, and therefore you’re able to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable economic system. The idea is that, by guaranteeing a minimum price and standard of quality for products like sugar, coffee, chocolate, bananas, and more, farm workers in developing economies will make more than usual, improving their economic status and better protecting their interests. While it’s not always possible to buy fair trade, always be on the lookout for the logo that denotes fair trade products, and support those products when you can. Fair trade places the emphasis back on sustainable and ethical production. Your decisions at the grocery store can have a positive impact when you decide to buy fair trade and support the people who grow your food!

Be sure to check out Fair Trade Finals to learn more!

Learn more

- the USA Fair Trade certification:

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- the Fair Trade Campaigns Blog:

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