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Meet the Green Dining Team: Clara

Hello! My name is Clara McCool, and I am a third year from Newburyport, MA. I am planning a double major in Psychology and Russian with a minor in Math. I will be interning with UVA Green Dining, helping out with the website and the blog, and also tabling at various events. I am a member of APO, the service fraternity, and we’ve done a lot in the community with Morven Kitchen Garden and the IRC, working to create a sustainable environment and encourage local harvesting.

This past summer I worked at a nonprofit in my hometown, controlling the social media and general outreach. The organization deals with domestic violence, offering therapeutic and legal services to survivors. Getting to work for an organization that is contributing such a positive message and affect on society was truly inspiring. That is why I wanted to get involved with Green Dining. The world isn’t going to change or get better unless people decide they want it to be different. I hope that in this internship, I can share ways to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life, on a level that is accessible to all people. I hope to educate others on the importance of cutting waste and buying locally, while also learning more myself on how to cut our carbon footprint as a University and as individuals. I am so excited to be controlling this blog, and am looking forward to working with the rest of the dining team to promote sustainability on Grounds!

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