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Meet the Green Dining Team: Sophie

Hello! My name is Sophia Rogers. I’m a third year from Nova majoring in computer science with interests in sustainability and more recently software engineering! In my “free time,” I TA for an intro CS class, volunteer at the Cville farmer’s market, and head to bible study with InterVarsity.

This is my first semester working with Green Dining, and I am excited to get a better look at how UVA is making strides towards more sustainable options in our community from the inside! Even before entering UVA, I was interested in environmental science and learning about ways to prevent overuse. Last year, I was a committee member for Student government’s sustainability committee, something I highly recommend to anyone looking to get more involved with sustainability on grounds; you can also get involved with UVA sustainability, Green Dining, or one of the multitude of green clubs on grounds! I have gained a better understanding of how to live more sustainably through these experiences and continue to learn new things through these connections. In addition, I have also met some wonderful people with similar interests and an inclination towards sustainable living. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you at sustainability events or maybe even in the class I TA for—don’t be shy! I’d love to help get you connected!

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