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Vendors at the Farmers Market

With our next Farmers Market quickly approaching, here is a list of vendors to look for and what they have to offer!

Sussex Farm

Sussex Farm is a local business bringing authentic Korean food and Kimchi to Charlottesville. Stop by to try some of their Korean Sushi rolls or a noodle dish with sweet potato noodles!

C'Ville Candy

David started out making candy as gifts for friends and eventually turned his hobby into a career and created C'Ville Candy. He uses all natural ingredients, hand making all his candy with special attention to quality. Make sure to stop by to meet him and buy some Hand Made Honey Brittles!

Family Ties & Pies

A family run business, Lynette makes delicious pies with her husband and two kids, Max and Chelsea. With the motto "Buy Fresh, Buy Local", Lynette and her family truly support a strong community and local economy. Made in a variety of sizes, the pies are a perfect desert!

Blue Ridge Bucha

Blue Ridge Bucha aims to make a healthy, delicious drinks in a reusable bottle as a way to improve your health and the health of the environment. Crafted by hand in the Blue Ridge Mountains, their kombucha helps with digestion and comes in a variety of flavors. They have already saved 933,750 bottles, so stop by at the Farmer's Market to make an impact on their mission!

Greens to Grounds

A non-profit, student run model, Greens to Grounds aims to bring local produce to the UVA community. Stop by to learn more about the program, and use plus dollars to buy some fresh produce!

Homestead Creamery

Homestead Creamery gets all their milk from local cows, and only sells local products in their stores. Offering ice cream, milk, butter, and other products, Homestead Creamery partners with local farms to bring you the freshest food available!

Snowing in Space

With their first coffee bar located right on West Main Street, Snowing in Space is as local as it gets. Offering a variety of flavors of their nitro cold brew, it is a perfect pick me up for the mid day slump! Make sure to try the Big Blue Thing: a mix of blueberry and chocolate flavors!

Little Manila

Little Manila is a local Filipino food truck based in Charlottesville. Stop by to meet the owners, and try some of their Filipino BBQ or Pansit and Lumpia!

FeelGood at UVA

Dedicated to ending world hunger, FeelGood is an organization that mobilizes youth at universities across the country to sell grilled cheese and raise money to end poverty.

NoBull Burger

A family run business, NoBull aims to make the best veggie burger on the market. Made with a lentil base, the NoBull burgers mix savory and roasted vegetables to create a healthy and delicious non-meat option. Stop by to meet owner Crissanne and try it out!

Greenberry's Coffee

Stop by to grab some coffee, scones, muffins and more!

Stop by the amphitheater April 17th to check out some of these local producers and get your groceries for the week! Click here to view the event on Facebook to keep up to date with the vendors!

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