Reusable To-Go Program

The R2Go Program is finally back! The UVA 2020-2030 Sustainability Plan aims to reduce materials sent to the landfill by 30% of 2010 levels. Help us meet this goal by choosing to use a reusable container when eating your dining hall meals on the go! The program has been changed from previous semesters, so be sure to read how the new program works. 

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Reusable. Reliable. Ready To Go! 

UVA Dining offers free reusable to-go boxes in all 3 of the residential dining halls. Using a reusable container is a convenient way to take food on the go while minimizing waste.


How to use:

  • All students with a meal plan will receive one Reusable To-Go swipe to be used to redeem a container.

  • Before you swipe, tell the cashier that you would like to redeem your reusable to-go container, and they will use your designated swipe to provide you with a container

  • Fill up you container in the dining hall and take your food to go. Bring the dirty container next time you come to the dining room to exchange it for a new one.

  • Tell the cashier you are returning your dirty box and drop it in the return bin to exchange for a clean box.

  • Always sanitize your hands after you drop off a dirty container and the cashier will hand you a clean container.

**Note: Once you redeem your first container, you must always swap a dirty container for a clean container**


Help keep to-go boxes out of the landfill by participating in our Reusable To-Go Program!