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Student Organizations

If you are interested in participating in local & sustainable food initiatives at UVA, reducing waste across Grounds, or promoting food equity, check out the organizations listed below:

Challah for Hunger

  • Volunteers with UVA's chapter of Challah for Hunger raise money to combat hunger through weekly sales of challah. All proceeds are donated to the hunger relief organizations Swipe Out Hunger and Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Learn more here:


Food Assist

  • Food Assist is a club of University of Virginia students who volunteer to drive food donations from local restaurants and University organizations to feed those in need. Learn more here:

Greens to Grounds

  • Greens to Grounds is a club of UVA students who work to bring local produce to Grounds at a low cost to students and faculty.

Growing for Change

  • Growing for Change is a CIO that works to dissolve social barriers between the University of Virginia and Westhaven residents through collaborative garden design, nutritious food, and empowerment. Learn more here:

Morven Kitchen Garden

  • Morven Kitchen Garden (MKG) is a place where UVA students learn, lead, and connect through sustainably growing food. Learn more here:

Nitrogen Working Group

  • The Nitrogen Working Group researches nitrogen usage at UVA and is working to create an updated action plan to reach UVA's 2030 goal of reducing nitrogen losses by 30%. Learn more here:

Office for Sustainability

  • Sustainability Advocates work directly with OFS to foster student sustainability leaders across Grounds through student-led sustainability projects.

  • Zero Waste Ambassadors contribute to UVA's waste minimization goals by expanding and implementing composting around Grounds.

  • Learn more here:

Taste of Home

  • Taste of Home is a CIO at the University of Virginia that promotes cultural exchange in Charlottesville by organizing  dinners, hosted by local restaurants, that showcase food prepared by immigrant or refugee chefs. Learn more here:

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