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Wipe Out Waste

Green Dining's Wipe Out Waste Program is focused on reducing food waste in the dining halls through student awareness. From the events, we can better understand the average amount of food waste per person and which types of food are commonly wasted. Our goal is to show how much unintentional and avoidable waste is generated, to collect data on the food waste habits in our dining halls, and to involve students in conversations about food waste reduction efforts at UVA. All waste is composted at the end of the event. We will work with the student body and our culinary staff to implement strategies promoting more sustainable dining practices.


When is the next Wipe Out Waste?

During each semester, Wipe Out Waste events are held once a week, rotating through the three dining halls.

Did You Know?

80 billion pounds of food goes to waste in the US each year.

That is 30-40% of the US food supply and $161 billion of the economy.

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