Composting 101

Why compost?
Composting diverts food and products from the landfill that can be turned back into nutrient-rich soil. It is as simple as sorting what's left on your plate into landfill, recyclable and compostable. Eventually it will become a habit and you will be a lifelong contributor to healthy soil and a healthy planet. 
Where to compost?
UVA Dining has compost bins located in the Fine Arts Cafe and West Range Cafe. Look for signage that shows what is compostable so we can avoid contamination! UVA Dining Staff track waste in residential locations and compost all food waste from food preparation (pre-consumer) and food disposal (post-consumer). Do your part and help us decrease waste at UVA!
What should you compost? 
  • Paper products without wax
    • Napkins​
    • Paper plates + cups
    • Paper coffee cups/sleeves
  • Food
  • Compostable utensils 
  • Cardboard without wax
  • Tea Bags
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