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Sustainable Food Initiatives

UVA Dine is a member of the UVA Sustainable Food Collaborative

UVA Dine collaborates with the Food Collaborative to achieve the 5 Food Action Goals for 2030:


  1. Annually increase the percentage of sustainable food and beverage options available on grounds​

  2. Decrease the amount of landfilled food waste from dining operations and increase compost and recycling from on-Grounds events by 2030

  3. Develop data-driven policies and programs to support food equity and security at UVA

  4. Increase awareness about sustainable and just food systems; translate heightened awareness into informed choices and opportunities for direct participation 

  5. Partner with community-driven food justice efforts and provide support, skills, and resources to further their vision

Learn more about the UVA Sustainable Food Collaborative goals here.

2022 Sustainable food spend.JPG

of total food and beverage spend qualified as sustainable in 2022

Definitions for plant-based and sustainably or ethically produced foods are defined by AASHE stars 2.2. You can find more information here. 

Check out the full 2020-2021 report by UVA Sustainability here.

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