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Meet the Green Dining Team


Allie Berry

Sustainability Manager

My name is Allie Berry and I’m from Seattle, Washington. I completed my graduate studies in Environmental Health and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, with researched focused on regenerative agriculture and climate solutions within local food systems. In my free time I enjoy bouldering, crocheting and working on various lacto-ferments! I believe that everyone has the right to live in a sustainable environment and have access to healthy food, and I am dedicated to working towards this goal by supporting collaborative and place-based efforts at UVA Dine!


Anna Jett

Zero Waste Intern

My name is Anna Jett and I'm a fourth-year from Northumberland County, VA. I am double majoring in Environmental Sciences and Global Sustainability. In my free time, I love reading, painting, and dancing with the Swing and Salsa clubs. As a Green Dining Intern, I focus on Zero Waste, helping UVA dining locations to minimize waste and promoting sustainable food practices in the larger UVA community.


Mahum Hashmi

Zero Waste Intern

My name is Mahum Hashmi, and I am a third-year majoring in Global Commerce and Statistics. I have worked for Green Dining since August of 2022, focusing on reducing waste across our campus! I enjoy making a difference in my community in any way I can and helping other students to do the same. Along with Green Dining, I am also a part of the special events committee for UPC, the outreach committee for the URN, and a makeup artists for VMAG and CRAVE at UVA. In my free time, I like to thrift, play volleyball, and cook!


Lexi Conners

Outreach Intern

My name is Lexi Conners and I'm a third-year from St. Louis, Missouri. I am majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Environmental Sciences. I have worked with Green Dining for two and a half years, focusing on student engagement and education. Outside of my involvement with Green Dining, I have a sustainable based fashion business and I enjoy creating art!


Kyle Hagerstrom

Morven Kitchen Garden Intern

My name is Kyle Hagerstrom, a second-year student from Arlington, VA! Though my major is currently undecided, I'm drawn to the fields of statistics and global sustainability. As a Morven Kitchen Garden (MKG) intern, I foster the connection between UVA Dine and MKG, actively engaging in the management of the garden and assisting at events/promotional activities. Beyond my roles with Green Dining and MKG, I'm a passionate cook, movie enthusiast, and an outdoor adventurer who loves hiking and backpacking trips. I'm truly excited to contribute to the meaningful mission of enhancing local sustainable food initiatives at UVA and within the Charlottesville community!


Owen Shaffer

Morven Kitchen Garden Intern

My name is Owen Shaffer and I am a 3rd year Environmental Science major/Data Science minor from Charlottesville. I am very passionate about our food system, and specifically how we at UVA are promoting sustainable agriculture. My role at Green Dining is catered to this interest, as I do most of my work at UVA's sustainability lab Morven Farm. In my free time, I love hiking, live music, soccer, and traveling. 


Sarah Singh-Sanchez

Outreach Intern

My name is Sarah Singh-Sanchez and I am from Yorktown, VA. I am currently a fourth-year and am double majoring in Economics and Foreign Affairs. In January of 2024, I took a class called Politics of Food which inspired my interests in sustainability initiatives and food waste reduction at UVA. Through this class, I learned about Green Dining. Being a Green Dining Intern has given me the opportunity to learn more about sustainable food systems and has motivated me to promote food waste reduction habits, whether it's in my apartment or in the dining hall. In my free time, I really enjoy playing the guitar, going on walks, learning new recipes, and exploring Charlottesville. 


Naomi Harris

Outreach Intern

My name is Naomi Harris and I am a Master's student in Public Health with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Charlottesville, VA. I am passionate about the intersection of Environmental Science and Public Health and I believe that food systems and nutrition are essential to both. I spent this past summer working with a local food hub to provide donation-based produce to Charlottesville residents which really sparked my interest in Green Dining and the work we do. In my free time, I enjoy skiing, baking, reading, and spending as much time on a porch with some friends as possible.


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