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Green Halloween - Tips to Celebrate Sustainably

By Lexi Conners

For many of us, Halloween is a time to dress up in costume and celebrate with friends in style. We have done this for so long that it can be too easy to overlook the concerning ecological footprint associated with the holiday. In the United States alone, over 172 million people participated in Halloween festivities in 2022, collectively spending an estimated $12 billion on costumes, decorations, and candies, contributing to vast amounts of single-use plastic waste and carbon emissions from the production and transportation of goods.

As Halloween continues to grow in popularity worldwide, efforts to make it more sustainable through eco-friendly costumes, party decorations, and mindful consumption become even more important to mitigate its adverse environmental impact. Below are some tips to help your holiday become a more Green Halloween:

Dress Up!

  • Instead of going to halloween stores to pickout a costume, try browsing second hand stores or repurposing clothes for a more eco friendly alternative. In addition to finding one of a kind costumes and new love for old clothes, this practice reduces the production of fast fashion items. In addition, opting for sustainable costumes made from organic or recycled materials helps reduce the demand for cheap, disposable costumes often made of synthetic materials and end up in landfills.

Time to Party!

  • Hosting a party? Utilizing reusable materials is the easiest way to have a Green Halloween celebration. You may consider serving food and drinks on reusable dishes and utensils, and even encouraging guests to bring their own reusable cups. Recommending that guests carpool or walk can further reduce the carbon footprint associated with each individual driving to the same location.

  • To decorate a party, your recycling bin may come in handy! Crafting homemade decorations from recycled materials like cardboard, paper, and fabric can minimize waste and save money. Our favorite is confetti made with colorful Autumn leaves!

Let’s Eat!

  • If you’re putting out a bowl of candy, opt for those with more sustainable packaging. Tons of candies are packaged in foil, paper, compostable material or nothing at all! If you buy unpackaged candy, consider putting a scoop in the bowl so kids can easily get a serving without touching!

  • If planning to carve pumpkins, consider composting the organic waste or use the flesh and seeds to make delicious pumpkin snacks. Overall, make sure to share extra food with friends and compost when possible!

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