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  • Lilly Bernhard

Meet the Green Dining Team: Lilly

My name is Lilly and I am a new intern at UVA Green Dining. I’m a fourth year from Arlington, Virginia and I am majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Global Sustainability. My interest in food sustainability began this past summer. I interned for a startup that has a mobile app that connects consumers to locally sourced and sustainably conscious restaurants in major US cities.

I look forward to working on local food initiatives with UVA Green Dining, such as the On-Grounds Farmers Market in the Amphitheater on September 19th. UVA has access to so many local farms and purveyors and I am excited for students to have direct access to these vendors. I also look forward to promoting sustainable farming and fishing practices at our Farm to Fork tabling events in UVA’s dining halls.

I am also very interested in sustainable energy and am excited to see how it plays into dining at UVA. I look forward to assisting with evaluating and improving the Fine Arts Café for the Charlottesville Better Business Challenge. The Challenge awards points to establishments that work toward decreasing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

I hope to expand my knowledge and application of sustainable living practices while working with the UVA Green Dining Team.

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