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  • Molly Cullen

Meet the Green Dining Team: Molly

Hello! My name is Molly, and I am a second year student interning with the Green Dining Team at UVA. I plan on studying Environmental Science and Global Sustainability. I am passionate about responsible food sourcing, waste reduction, and general sustainability in our dining halls and restaurants across grounds.

I look forward to working on marketing projects with the Green Dining Team to reduce waste through our reusable container and cup programs, sampling food at Fresh Food Co. to promote responsible food sourcing, and completing waste inventory projects across grounds to see where we can minimize waste production. Our main focus right now is to communicate to the students the importance of waste reduction, and spread the word of sustainability initiatives we have already put in place.

Our reusable to-go boxes no longer require you to sign up: just request a reusable box (instead of a disposable box) when swiping in and return it to a dining hall for it to be washed.

Sign up with the Fill It Forward app to get points and prizes through using your own reusable water bottle or coffee cup.

Look for composting bins at West Range and the Fine Arts Cafe to divert waste away from landfills.

I am excited to be working with UVA Dining to help improve upon existing programs and communicate with students the importance of being sustainable both on and off grounds.

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