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  • Clara McCool

The Cupanion Program: How to Participate

Did you know you could get rewards for using a reusable container?

UVA Dining is partnering with Cupanion to help reduce plastic, single-use waste and encourage people to bring reusable cups when getting water or drinks at locations across Grounds. All you have to do is download the Fill It Forward app and look for the Cupanion Program barcode signs at our coffee shops and cafes to earn points when you bring a reusable cup or mug! You can redeem points for free drinks from Greenberry's, free reusable water bottles, and other rewards.

We also have a new way you can take part in the program: with the reusable to-go boxes you can also get points to start earning even more rewards! There will be barcodes located on some of the boxes that you can scan through the app when you use them. Next time you get take-out from a dining hall look out for stickers on the reusable to-go boxes with directions on how to participate.

The Cupanion Program doesn't only help reduce waste: it also helps provide clean water to people in need. Every time you use a reusable cup and scan, you help fund a water based project somewhere around the world. The app also allows you to see your environmental footprint and help keep track of your water intake to make sure you stay hydrated!

Keep an eye out for the Cupanion barcode signs, they will be coming soon to water stations in Alderman, Clark, Newcomb, and O'Hill!

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