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The Fair Trade Campaign

Fair Trade is an organization that prioritizes people and the environment, creating a trade system that guarantees the people producing the products work in safe conditions, are environmentally conscious, and have sustainable livelihoods, getting paid the amount they deserve. In 2016, UVA launched a campaign with Fair Trade to ensure that there are products on Grounds that are certified and as a way for students to take part in social change.

Here's where you can find fair trade certified products on Grounds:

Fair Trade Coffee:

  • Cafe McLeod

  • O'Hill, Newcomb, and Runk

  • Crumbs on the Corner

  • Alderman Cafe and Clark Cafe

  • West Range

  • Fine Arts Cafe

Fair Trade Tea:

  • Lambeth Market

  • Fine Arts Cafe

  • 1819 Supply at MedEd

Other Fair Trade Products (ice cream, chocolate, and energy bars):

  • 1819 Supply at Runk and Newcomb

  • Crossroads

  • Lambeth Market

  • Sidley Austin Cafe

Click here to learn more about the mission of the partnership between UVA Dining, the University of Virginia, and Fair Trade and to keep updated with the campaign progress. And if you are interested in getting involved and joining UVA Dining's Fair Trade Committee email Brooke Kinsey at!

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